Customer : R.
"They were the least expensive bid but spot on with service. On time, waiting for me with a sign when I landed. Friendly, professional driver. Car was in good condition. Will definitely use again." 
Limo Service Response: "Flat rates to places like Long Beach are affordable. Do a little homework and check all companies on the California PUC site and read their reviews here on limos.com... if they have any. Then decide. Thanks."
Customer : J. D
"I used Luken Limos for a round trip to the airport. After using many other services in LA, I was highly impressed. I was so impressed I used them for airport pick ups for the president and vice president of my company. They did not disappoint. I will continue to use Luken Limo, and not feel i have to shop my business around." 
Limo Service Response: "Thank you. Its a pleasure providing service to corporate customers. Hopefully potential clients can see these reviews despite limos.com recommending sub par companies on their intitial page."
Customer : K. Laubaugh
"Luken service was excellent. Drivers were courteous and helpful. Howard was flexible when I needed to change our pick-up time the day before!" 
Limo Service Response: "This is what every car service in LA should do but many don't. The only reason they haven't gone out of business is because limos.com continues to accept their money for leads despite these companies receiving repeated bad reviews which are never published. These horrible services continue to be sent leads, continue to give misleadiing and dishonest quotes, continue to defraud clients of their money and often don't even show up leaving the client who uses limos.com stranded. When limos.com stops subsidizing these illegal companies and stops giving them unsuspecting customers the sooner the industry will recover here in LA."
Customer : G. Krishnan
"Used the service late night on July 24, 08 to meet/pick up & drop off at Anaheim. Although we were dropped off at the wrong hotel, the Driver came back and took us to the correct hotel at no additional charge Polite, efficient service, helped us with our bags. Will use Luken again if and when the opportunity arises" 
Limo Service Response: "We remember you folks. You were very nice but there are two Sheratons at Disneyland. We have no problem returning for clients as long as you call and catch us before we drive all the way back to LA! Glad we could take care of you. Amazing how folks are so surprised and happy when a car service simply assists with baggage, etc. Many operators do not because they are only glorifed cab drivers. Book with us."
Customer : M.
"Friendly professional driver. " 
Limo Service Response: "Mmmm... if only I knew who M was I could thank them. Unfortunately for us limos.com gives us no way to respond to these reviews except here and the way limos.com displays these reviews makes it virtually impossible for anyone to find them. So it goes."
Customer : j. walsh
"Luken was top notch - on time and great service. We will use the company again." 
Limo Service Response: "Unfortunately limos.com doesnt let clients see these reviews when you initially search for quotes. Instead they recommend services that frankly are questionable. For those who find our reviews, congratulations. Follow your intuition."
Customer : N.
"Excellent Service. Howard was professional and curteous. He took my calls and recalled my name. He ensured a driver was awaiting my arrival with follow-up calls. My journey to Pasadena went smoothly with a well dressed and curteous driver; the car was impeccable. Upon my return request (unconfirmed, as I was intending to retun to LAX with family) Howard met my needs and met me in Pasadena, swiftly returning me to LAX. My family already has all his information. We, along with my friends, will continue our LA experiences with Howard and share the comfort we felt with Luken Limousine Service." 
Limo Service Response: "Again, thanks. And again, shame on limos.com for changing their format and making it impossible for potential clients to even find these reviews let alone read them and decide before they book with some shoddy service who only receives business because limos.com continues to send them leads. These companies are notorious here in LA for poor service, ripping off the clients, and they don't care because they know that limos.com will continue to direct leads their way despite their illegality, lack of insurance, lack of licensing and complete lack of what it takes to be a top knotch service."
Customer : J. Ryan
"Luken is the BEST! Going to the airport, the driver arrived a few minutes early (always a good sign), and he was courteous and professional. Picking us up at the airport is where Luken really shined! I was delayed for over 90 minutes at security, and after that ordeal, I can't tell you how surprised and happy I was to find that Howard was still waiting for me! No extra charges! I have been a concierge for 10 years and I have never encountered a limousine company that would do the same as Luken in that situation. Wonderful!" 
Limo Service Response: "LAX security is arbitrary, vindictive, ignorant and utterly useless. Holding clients, asking no questions and then releasing them is typical of where our country is going. More travelers should raise their voices about this as it hurts everyone in transportation except the dimwitted security force."
Customer : R. Lucas
"Wonderful Service. Highly recommend. Using a scooter I was extremely nervous of travelling to LAX. Nothing to worry about. Prompt, courteous service. Anytime I am going to Disneyland now will use this company. Also, was picked up at bagguage area and helped with my lugguage. Many limo places do not do this. Great rates!!" 
Limo Service Response: "Every service should assist with baggage, scooters or wheelchairs for their clients. Anyone who doesnt DOESNT DESERVE YOUR BUSINESS. Thank you."
Customer : T. Mulligan
"I was delighted with the service. We had two trips LAX to Universal studios and return two days later. Both went exactly as expected and the drivers were courteous and helpful. I would be very happy to recommend Luken to anyone." 
Limo Service Response: "This is what every service in LA should be expected to do. Unfortunately for the clients, limos.com buries these reviews so clients can't see them and discriminates against all the companies by continuing to use a recommended list of 8 or less limo services to insure these terrible, fly by night companies keep receiving leads they don't deserve or earn. If you don't like being sent to poor car services then call or email limos.com and demand they show ALL services so that these reviews can be easily found and read."
Customer : J. Rubin
"Absolutely terrific. Luken is exactly what a limo company should be, and unfortunately in LA, many are not. I will be using Luken for ALL of my car/limo service needs. Excellent." 
Limo Service Response: "I couldn't agree more. Too bad limos.com doesn't see it that way. Instead they force the awful and often illegal car services upon the customer by recommending only 8 or fewer companies when you ask for a quote. You never get to see all the companies to compare these reviews. Many services can't earn a decent review yet continue to collect most of the leads because they are paying for dozens of leads per month that they never even respond to. This is unfortunate."
Customer : R. Williamson
"Great service. Our family got picked up at LAX and we got a no-problem ride to Disneyland (and back again). The car was clean, and Howard was helpful, nicely attired and even provided car seats for our girls. Thanks Howard!" 
Limo Service Response: "Safe transportation in Los Angeles is more important than ever when you have kids in tow. Thanks for the review."
Customer : R. Williamson
"Good service , clean car and a well dressed, helpful and courteous driver. Howard got us from LAX to Disneyland (and back again) with no problems. And, he provided car seats for our young girls too. Thanks a lot!" 
Limo Service Response: "Even better the second time, like Thanksgiving turkey. These reviews mean a great deal to my company."
Customer : J.
"Very good service. Was prompt with pick up from airport to go to hotel. Then with the uncertain schedule of getting off a cruise ship for pick up, there was little down time spent waiting. Thanks!" 
Limo Service Response: "Seems the competition doesnt like that we receive so many positive reviews. Sour grapes anyone."
Customer : M.
"Very professional service in a spotless limo. On time, helpful and nice. I definitely will use his services again. Thanks Howard." 
Limo Service Response: "You are very welcome. Why let a computer RECOMMEND services that are revoked, suspended or just awful. Check them out on the California PUC site www.cpuc.ca.gov"
Customer : D. N.
"On time. Clean car. Courteous. Pick-up and drop-off from LAX. The best car service in L.A. " 
Limo Service Response: "Cant argue with that! Thanks again and we know that everyone looking for transportation here is intelligent enough to book according to top notch service and not cheapo rates."
Customer : P. Martin
"The owner, Howard, did a great job picking me up from LAX on time even though my International flight was two hours late. His town car was clean and had bottled water available. He was wearing nice dark suit. Howard got me to my destination without problem. On the return trip, again, Howard was on time. Overall, it was a good experience and I would recommend him." 
Limo Service Response: "I believe that the golden rule and good service are still valid despite the greedy, selfish society we live in. Luken Limousine will never compromise."
Customer : S. C.
"I'm a little late writing this review, but I wanted to add to the glowing reviews of Luken Limousine. Howard picked us up right outside the security gate at LAX and drove my husband, me and our 2 girls to our hotel in Disneyland. The car was super clean (as was the car seat we had requested) and Howard was very pleasant and punctual. On the way back a few days later, there was a huge traffic mess (that's LA for you I guess) but he immediately called my cell phone to let me know of the delay- he was confident he could get us to our plane in time but said if I wanted to make other arrangements or call a cab he would understand. We waited for him and got to LAX with time to spare. Do yourself a favor and spend the extra few dollars and breathe easy. No hidden charges, just honest and upfront pricing, stress free transportation. Thanks Howard!" 
Limo Service Response: "These reviews are greatly appreciated. See the other services reviews, if any, and note the dates. That should tell you something."
Customer : N. Blackledge
"First Class!! Howard met us at the airport as requested. He was courteous. friendly, and knew his way around the airport and the area. I would highly recommend Luken, and when coming to the LA area again, I would use Luken Limosine without hesitation." 
Limo Service Response: "Now if only everyone could see these reviews right upfront before they are directed away by limos.com to other illegal, unlicensed and shoddy car services. Unfortunately this isn't the case and these reviews are buried deep in their website. Congratulations to anyone who managed to find them. I hope these reviews will convince you to use Luken Limousine and not these other fly by night operations with no reviews and no regard for the clients."
Customer : R. McKoy
"I hired Luken Limousine as a SURPRISE birthday present for 2 co-workers. A group of us were attending an event and since we had already worked 12 hours and didn't want to drive to and from the event, I went through limos.com to ascertain companies that would give a fair quote for nine hours. Luken understood what I wanted and if requested would have purchased the decorations I needed to impress my co workers. Mr Luken got to the pick up location on time. It was a smooth, comfortable ride with all the amentities that were promised. We arrived at the event ahead of schedule and in plenty of time to have dinner. I truly believe that anyone hiring Luken Limousine Service will be impressed with their service, and professionalism." 
Limo Service Response: "Well, thank you! Although my name is Howard, most folks end up calling me Harold, not Thomas. Be that as it may, just as we say here at Luken Limousine, Relax, no worries. Thats our motto and we mean it. You bring up a good point about services here in LA. Some of these fly by night operations are booking limos for under $50 an hour. You can't pay your insurance, upkeep, licensing, etc. for that and stay in business. So which of these things do you think they're skimping on? Usually all of the above. Caveat Emptor. Buyer beware of these types."
Customer : H. Palmer
"Very dependable and friendly. I was very satisfied." 
Limo Service Response: "Thanks, Hap! Always a pleasure to serve repeat customers. Relax, no worries."
Customer : P.
"These guys are awesome. Very professional and very reasonable. They offered a great flat rate for a ride of under an hour and still provided red carpet service. Not only will I use them again, but I'm encouraging others to do the same!" 
Customer : S. Mercieca
"Very prompt and reliable service. Courteous driver and nice clean car. Would definately recommend. Thanks Howard. " 
Limo Service Response: "Thank you. Folks book with us because of these reviews. This should tell potential clients something."
Customer : J. Burns
"We first tried Luken Limo based on their years of business experience, great reviews and a good price. Our first trip involved a 4:00 AM pickup, and we were concerned we might miss our overseas flight if the driver was late. However, not only did the driver arrive early, he performed flawlessley. Our pickup from the airport was equally smooth, professional and without stress. This is a well-run company that has exceeded our expectations in all respects. I suggest you give them a try - after doing so, you will gain the confidence of having a reliable and professional service at your command. Thanks." 
Limo Service Response: "To all potential customers. STOP booking the cheapest ride. Those companies are ruining the industry here in LA. Car services are NOT taxis. Many thanks to clients like this for their support."
Customer : P. Family
"FINALLY!! Someone knows how to provide TOP-NOTCH SERVICE in the LA!! Professionalism from end to end. Very clean car inside and out, not a used-up stinky party limo. Roundtrip from LAX to Disneyland with my wife and 2 young children. Met us right outside the security gate and guided us to baggage claim where he collected the bags, then took us to the car just outside. I had requested a carseat and a booster seat and even those were clean. Not sticky and full of crumbs and who knows what like the ones from the rental car places who say theirs are clean. Return trip was even easier. VERY PROMPT! Clean, well dressed driver who actually knew how to drive. That in itself is tough to find. A+ folks! THIS IS THE ONE! THANKS HOWARD!" 
Limo Service Response: "I keep wondering why others still book the cheapest rate thinking they are saving. There is another page of reviews below."
Customer : D. ONeill
"Had a great experience with Luken limo. Right on time for our pick up and did not have to even wait to be picked up. I would highly recommend their services and I will definitely be using them again in the future. " 
Limo Service Response: "Now if only limos.com would publish these reviews not only on the site but PROMINENTLY on the pages so clients can find them and read them. They are useless unless the reviews are posted where folks can read them BEFORE they get suckered by the awful services that the clients are being stuck with because of limos.com new website that directs them away from the accomplished services with positive reviews."
Customer : y. petriz
"We rented two limos one for a bachelorette and and for a bachelor party the same night. Both drivers were excellent. Very accomodating, pleasant and patient. I would recommend Luken Limos to anyone. " 
Limo Service Response: "It has come to my attention that not all my reviews are even being published or posted by limos.com. This makes me believe they are deliberately dumbing down the website to deny the potential clients the opportunity to make an educated decision when it comes to booking a top notch service as opposed to the numerous awful services in LA who advertise on this site."
Customer : E. Lofstrand
"I had to catch an early morning flight from LAX but was returning to Burbank. Luken did a great job accomodating my request and the driver was extraordinarily prompt. The whole experience was a pleasure." 
Limo Service Response: "Just providing a car is difficult for many so called limousine services in LA. Being capable of proper service takes some effort. Thanks again!"
Customer : A. Tarshis
"I switched over to Howard after having several problem with various larger and small limo companies. Howard always provides excellent service, I have never had a problem with him. Even when he is unable to personally turn up the people he sends are of equally professional standard." 
Limo Service Response: "A chauffeured vehicle means decent service. Many companies give you an ignorant cab driver in a filthy car. We provide the first choice, period."
Customer : D. Seiter
"Superb service from start to finish. On-time, courteous, and affordable. This was the best limo service I have experienced in the past five years. We will definitely use Luken Limousine our next trip to California. " 
Limo Service Response: "It means a great deal to me when I hear from clients like this who appreciate personable, high-end service."
Customer : J. Horton
"I love this company. They are prompt, professional and also personal. One of our flights was hours late and they called to make sure we knew that they would be there anytime the flight came in. It is nice to know that you don't have to worry about whether or not a car will be there or not. This company is a winner." 
Limo Service Response: "Thank you! We will always keep updating flight info not just for our clients sake but for our own efficiency. Time is money."
Customer : L. Tankersley
"This is the second limo service I have ever used and the best. Mr. Luken gave full service in both delivery and pick. The limo was nice and clean as will the conversation with the drivers. I strongly recommend Luken Limousine, it's a small but personable limosine service. Linda T" 
Limo Service Response: "It was a pleasure providing airport service to you good folks, thanks for everything."
Customer : J. Dave
"Very professional and accommodating. Would definitely use again. " 
Limo Service Response: "Thanks again! We can only hope that the potential client finds and reads these reviews. Limos.com has made it nearly impossible to find these reviews before you have to input your transportation request."
Customer : T. Dorsky's
"Good service and very courteous." 
Limo Service Response: "Thank you! Now if only that could be said for all the services who advertise on limos.com, have not one decent, positive review and yet continue to receive leads thereby burning the customers who are denied the opportunity to see ALL the services and reviews. These reviews are basically buried to keep clients from making an educated decision on booking a good service as opposed to a VERY bad one."
Customer : T. Daniels
"The chauffeur was professional and arrived early. Thank you!" 
Limo Service Response: "Thank you! Everyones patronage is appreciated. Corporate clients like Alliance United are welcome as always."
Customer : C. DuVernois
"I have used Luken Limousiene several times. This service is one of the best I have used in Los Angeles. Almost prompt, never any problems. For an evening with friends, it's nice to have a service where there are no issues or problems. Our party could relax and enjoy each other's company while Howard took us to every spot we wanted to go." 
Limo service Response: "I believe you meant always prompt. Freudian slip. Thanks again."



Below you will find reviews from my years of operation in Los Angeles.

Customer : H. Sargous
"Your service was the best limousine service I have ever experienced. You can be sure I will recommend your company to everyone I know who is in need of the services you offer. Your chauffeur was especially well qualified we felt. Congratulations." 
Limo Service Response: "Thank you! Unfortunately these days most are booking the cheapest rate instead of the better reviewed. So it goes. The gypsy cab drivers posing as limousine services here in LA are gutting the industry by operating cars for gas money. These characters and companies are simply laundering money for shady criminal enterprises."
Customer : G. Smith
"Service was timely, courteous and friendly. It was comforting to know that Luken is licensed as a limo company and has all the necessary insurance etc. Will use the service again. " 
Limo Service Response: "We cannot stress this enough. Many operators here in SoCal are failing, being suspended, revoked and fined because they aren't paying their insurance, workman's comp and can't seem to provide any kind of service beyond being a glorified, nasty cab."
Customer : D. Thibodaux
"Howard at Luken Limo was great. We did a brief trip to LA (DisneyLand) for our anniversary in November and I asked for a champagne setup and he took care of it for a very reasonable fee. Luken provided a car seat for our little one free of charge. They were on time, professional, and got us back to the airport without a hitch when it was time to go. We got an upfront rate before we booked with no BS charges when we got to our destination. Clean Car, Well Dressed Professional Driver. We will not use anyone else other then Luken Limo when we head back to LA. " 
Limo Service Response: "It was a pleasure taking care of you folks. Special rates to Disneyland. Special requests are no problem. Think before you book with those other guys."
Customer : M. Stapleton
"Without question the best service I have ever had. I will definately use him again next time I am in LA." 
Limo Service Response: "Can't argue with that. Thanks. Now if only more people could find these reviews on limos.com. Since limos.com changed their website it is now impossible to find these reviews buried deep inside the website."
Customer : A. Gupta
"Luken Limo runs a professional service. I used a limo in the Bay Area for almost 10 years, and never found anyone to equal him in terms of promptness, service, professionalism, and cleanliness. I am glad to say that Howard might be the person who matches that high quality. I have only used Luken Limo once and it was spot on. The car was there on time with a car seat for our child, there were no hidden charges, and Howard helped us with the luggage. Why use taxis when you can get such dependable service? We will use Luken again for sure." 
Limo Service Response: "Too bad for most potential clients these reviews have been hidden away and are now nearly impossible to find on limos.com. This was done to appease the lousy, gypsy operators here in LA since they couldn't generate a positive lead to save their lives. Clients are being recommended to these revoked, suspended, unlicensed and uninsured limo companies by limos.com only because they continue to pay for hundreds of leads they don't even respond to or honor."

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